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Please click the links above and to the right to find out about watercolour painting classes, see photos and to contact me. Below you will find my blog. Fall 2017 Classes begin Oct. 18 and 19, Beginner/Intermediate on Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons and Thursday Morning for the Advanced Class.

The Joy of Mountains

Two  Books were published by Rocky Mountain Books in June, 2017!  The Joy of Mountains is new and is on- location sketches of trips along the Rocky Mountains from New Mexico to Alaska. There are pages about painting supplies, how to get started,  colour schemes, Inspiration pages, location information and more…

A Rocky Mountain Sketchbook is a classic for painting mountains and is in its fourth Printing. There are new pages that include sketches from plein air painting trips.

The books are available from Rocky Mountain Books, Amazon, local bookstores, museums and shops. There was a wonderful launch and Art Show at Canada House Gallery in Banff…and future book signings will be posted here….


Fall Watercolour Classes

The Fall Watercolour Classes in Canmore begin October 14-15 and go to November 18-19, 2015. The Beginner/Intermediate Classes are Wednesday and Thursday Afternoon from 1:30-3:30 and the Advanced Class is Thursday Morning, 9:30-Noon. The fee is $110.00, to Preregister mail -along with your class time and contact information- to: Massie Art, 1001-9th Ave., Canmore, AB. T1W 1Z5.

The Art Of Class…

My friend, and well known musician-songwriter, Cori Brewster recently asked me what I would tell people who wanted to start art later in life. She was scheduled to present a workshop to Seniors in Calgary and thought I had probably addressed this with some of my students over my 25 years of teaching.

I thought for a while of all the cliches..” You’re only as old as you think”, ” Age is only a number”, or “time passes anyway”. But, what I know, and said to her was this…”Tell them, seriously, your  brushes don’t know how old you are!” So, if you have always wanted to paint…..pick up that brush and let it think you are 18, or 46, or whatever you want….


A New View

Opabin Plateau at Lake O’Hara

Sometimes landscape artists can visit the same place many times and not see the obvious.
I have visited, and hiked, at Lake O’Hara every year since 1991 and have been on this trail often, but, only on July 10th did I sit with a friend at this place and have lunch. I looked up and there it was…this view. I immediately came home and painted it…perhaps it was the time of year, weather, light, time of day…whatever, this time I saw it with fresh eyes. Perhaps there is a place you have often been that is holding a new view for you…

Subject Matters

I went home to Cherokee, North Carolina for Thanksgiving with relatives  this past November. While there, I happened on a beautiful mountain stream, the Oconoluftee, on the way to my cousins home. As a mountain landscape artist, I especially love painting waterfalls and mountain lakes. Seeing this reminded  me that wherever we may travel we can usually find the subject matter that we enjoy the most, even when far from home. There are, after all, people everywhere for portrait painters,  and if you love buildings there are structures of all shapes and sizes around the world, the same with flora and fauna, animals, children….and, of course, water!

Advanced Group Show

The Advanced Group Show and Fundraiser for the Canmore Hospital was a huge success! the Opening was packed, there were 67 pieces of original art and we sold 27…the work was beautiful ….here is a view of some…


As a landscape artist, I can relate to the description of “placefulness” by Christian McEwen in his book, World Enough and Time: On Creativity and Slowing Down. I have experienced those moments of complete immersion, mindful of the perfection of the place and eager to capture the sights, values and forms for future paintings. One such hike was Plain of Six Glaciers this summer where the 7 mile, 1100 foot elevation gain to a max of 7000 feet  up the valley at the head of Lake Louise presented flooded trail, ledges with chains, and avalanches thundering down. A trail like this employs all your senses- physical, mental and spiritual. If your subject doesn’t excite you in this way, you should ask yourself , why?